Tuesday, 12 February 2008

OHS - Making it Easier

So, we got our first videos up online today! BEV stalwart Rosie has done a load of cool films and we have our first overseas contribution from Zuzana Jochman. We're thrilled. Now that some people have tried out the process and given us some feedback, we've decided to come up with some ways of making it simpler for you to get involved. Here they are!

1. If you don't have a cameraphone, don't worry - we will accept footage shot on any camera. We like the raw aesthetic that you get from a phone or a home digital camera but hey, if you decided to get overheated in HD, that's cool with us.

2. If you're finding the whole uploading-to-Youtube thing a bit daunting, you can email the file (don't forget the title and your contact details) to overheatedsymphony@gmail.com and we'll upload it for you.

3. Keep checking in at the blog for sources of inspiration - we're going to post a film or an idea every day to inspire you . Starting in a minute!

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