Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Message from Sarah Turner - 5 days to go!

Here's a message from artist Sarah Turner, who (along with sound designer Annabel Pangbourne) will be creating the final edit of OVERHEATED SYMPHONY during the festival:

"Many, many thanks for all the submissions so far. I'm REALLY impressed by the quality of all the submissions; - there's so many conceptual artists out there..
I'm particularly excited by the formal elegance, political engagment and sheer talent that's evidenced in the majority of the work. Very simple ideas, beautifully executed.

Just to reassure you all - everyone's work will be sampled. I can't say at this stage quite how this will work, but just think abstraction and repetition, feelings or moments that build to a symphony of voices, a dialogue between all of you, myself and Annabelle. Some submissions could play out in their entirety, others we'll maybe snatch a sound loop and use that to structure or pace one of the movements.

Also to say, we love both the lo tech approach and the highly crafted work. Don't be afraid to improvise or to sample more sounds of your everyday ecstasies and frustrations... The hottest moments. Have fun....."

So. Filmmakers of the world... The deadline for the project is March 2 - that's THIS SUNDAY. We would love some more films for the project - so if you think you've got a submission in you, or you know someone who's been thinking about doing something, now really is the time to act!

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